About Us

This page is not About Us. It’s actually about you.  It’s about you getting the right info. The right story, the actual facts as it relates to the haunting my girlfriend and I experienced while living in Bothell Washington – for four years.   This page will have two components to it, two components only.  1.) Information sharing and a 2.) High Level narrative of what happened  The information being shared will consists of photos, videos, audios, emails, letters, statements, land records, property record, city records, state records and the statements of previous tenants.  Information never seen before will be brought here for believers and non-believers to see.  The best thing about all of that is the  information will be from me. Ask yourself how many times have you heard the term “The most documented Paranormal case in History”  only to learn no information is immediate or made readily available?

Why am I doing this?  I’m doing this because I believe information exists to be shared.  Truth is not truth if it exists in a vault somewhere. The more eye’s and ears involved the more we as a people, as a society can better understand the phenomena known as Poltergeist, known as Malevolent Activity.  I’m doing this as a means to stifle disinformation.  Truth has a way of getting exaggerated over time, as well as being forgotten.  Forgotten truth leads to guessing.   Guessing moves us backwards not forwards.  And lastly……..

I’m doing this because of the interests others have about this case. People have found me online (years searching) after watching Ghost Adventures – coming to me with more questions than answers, as a result of watching that episode. People have found me due to their own ordeals with a malevolent spirits.  Some have fought off worse. Some have found me through Google, through YouTube, through Facebook, etc.  This case interests them as it should.  This case should interests the skeptic and believer alike. Both are welcomed here.  Together we can ascertain the evidence compiled, maybe even advance the discussion already begone by previous cases (Bell Witch, Pontefract, Thorton Heath and many other unnamed cases),  What I share has not been edited, or tampered with.  If you must judge me, judge me by what by what I share.  You have questions?  Great so do I. You’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the Washington State Poltergeist community.

God Bless,

Keith Linder

This page is dedicated to those families, to those individuals who over time have been ridiculed, made fun of, some even killed (by society) based on their encounter with a Poltergeist.  To those who fled their homes thinking there is no such thing as help.  This page is for you.